Spring Care tips for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle!

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Spring Car Maintenance Checklist

Now that we’re officially rolling into Spring, it’s time to clean off the road salt marks and get your Mercedes-Benz ready for spring driving. There are several ways for drivers to quickly and easily switch your vehicle over for spring travels and fix any lingering issues from winter.

First things first, make sure that your vehicle is up-to-date on its factory-specified maintenance. You can do this by checking your vehicle’s recommended service schedule in your owner’s manual and cross check it with your vehicle’s model. It’ll probably be time for you to schedule an oil and filter change, as well as any problems you’re encountering. Some of your issues that require a visit to our service department may include:

  • Difficult starting
  • Rough running
  • Stalling
  • Unevenly worn tires
  • “Check Engine” lights

Even if you aren’t currently running into any of these problems, there are several preventative measures you should take to ensure no problems pop up unexpectedly.

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Spring Maintenance Checklist

  • Replace wiper blades
  • Flush and refill cooling system
  • Check the tires
  • Check and adjust belts and hoses
  • Fix your air conditioner
  • Check lights
  • Change Oil


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By following this basic car maintenance checklist, you can help ensure that your vehicle is in for trouble-free spring driving. You should also make note to check with us here at Loeber Motors for any of our service department’s coupons, and service specials to ensure that you get the best price on your car maintenance.

And if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or contact us online! Our friendly service department is always happy to help with whatever issues your vehicle may be experiencing.

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5 Responses to “Spring Care tips for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle!”

  1. Ashley Drew says:

    Branded cars like Mercedes-Benz need special attention and that too vary with the change in season. When spring comes, car owners get more relaxed as they were full cautious for the last three months. At the very begining, they undrtake few maintenance like wiper blade change, checking of tires, cooling system, belts and hoses, lights and engine oil. If these parts are not in good working condition, the owners have to repair or replace them. If you will tamper with these items, you have to pay more for that.

  2. Mia coleman says:

    Regular maintenance could ensure smoother performance and extended lifespan of the vehicle. I agree with the fact that wiper blades, hoses, belt should be inspected at a regular interval and if damaged should be replaced immediately. It is really dangerous to drive with damaged breaking system. So, breaking system should be inspected on a regular interval and if damaged should be repaired immediately.

  3. Kyle Wayne says:

    I appreciate that you talked about making sure that your vehicle is up-to-date on its factory specified maintenance. My dad is looking to get some Mercedes maintenance done on his car before the weather changes up. I’ll be sure to talk to him about finding a professional service and checking the factory specific maintenance.

  4. It’s that time! Glad i found your page! Time to get maint items done on my 2005 140″ 3500 again! 176,00 miles strong!

  5. Abraham Devon says:

    Do a complete check under your hood to make sure your car’s engine made it through the winter without problems. Mainly check belts and hoses to ensure the cold temperatures haven’t effected them brittle or heavily worn out. Check your coolant to make sure that it is not old, because it is an important factor for avoiding overheating as temperatures gradually rise. If you aren’t comfortable check by own, then contact a local mechanic.

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